The gorgeous, the sexy, the dirty and down right feminine all mixed up with chastity. I live in chastity and am strictly controlled. I am always dribbling into my panty liner, from the delicious frustration this produces & continual throbbing I feel from my chastised clit when aroused by Mistress. I am absolutely forbidden to penetrate Mistress anymore as I now live as a chastised sissy on a diet of being plugged in my pussy with regular strap on milking & heavy teasing. Mistress believes her chastity lifestyle creates the perfect feminine medium for me to remain in sissy servitude dressing in lingerie & craving only to sniff, lick and worship her for my pleasure as she allows. I live with her strict discipline and her ever arousing words "Only I have a sex life now because I am in charge always and I have decided you will remain chaste and enjoy getting your pleasure from serving my pleasure". We are outwardly a very normal couple who practice a strict chastity lifestyle that has been built gradually over time. I live obediently always in lingerie under normal clothes and am expected to behave submissively to Mistress at all times or i am punished by her. I have adjusted over the last few years to living comfortably full time in my Mature Metal chastity and I am seldom out of it and never ever unsupervised because of my wanking habit i am not trusted. In reality i get far more attention from being submissive to Mistress now that I live as her chastity sissy on her terms and our whole relationship dynamic is much better no one else is involved or will be. I have come to terms and accepted I will never be allowed to penetrate Mistress intimately again as her hottest button is for me to serve her as a sissy with my tongue continually smelling kissing & tasting what i cannot have. When we were an ordinary vanilla couple and living without chastity I wanked a lot sniffing and licking her used panties and stockings dreaming of becoming feminised so rarely showed interest in penetrative sex with Mistress. Since my chastity started she has seen how much my submissive behaviour has evolved now that i sniff her used stockings and lick her worn panties dribbling hopelessly knowing i am denied but enjoying myself so much. As a result of my previous behaviour and confessions now I'm chastised she has decided that she no longer needs or wants conventional sex with me and prefers her choice of dildo instead while I watch enviously dribbling & throbbing vaguely remembering how it felt when i was still allowed to penetrate her. It has taken us a long time to figure out our normal & for me to come to terms with my submissive position. As my chastity has continued into our daily lifestyle Mistress has made it clear to me that there is no point in us going back to a vanilla relationship as i satisfy her more as a sissy and i will remain chaste for the entirety of our future relationship. She knows now after many lengthy periods of chastity that i do not require male sex or need to orgasm at all and in effect I am more content as her deeply submissive lesbian. She has discussed moving me into a pierced Lori device as her final goal so i no longer beg to be unlocked or expect anything sexual to happen involving my cock other than it being treated as a little locked clit and remaining continually in chastity chastity chastity. I am so grateful to her and aroused by her denial & understanding of my chastised needs that i want further emasculation to remain feminine & feel free. I know i will never be a convincing women so this is as close as i can get to living happily with her. My needs and longings are openly reflected here.


One of the most frequent questions I get asked is to do with timescales and training steps / goals / milestones.

In my experience there are no hard and fast rules and so much depends on your target and how heterosexual and macho they think they are. My big thing is control and domination, can’t…

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