The gorgeous, the sexy, the dirty and down right feminine all mixed up with chastity. I live in strict chastity everyday and am always dribbling into my panty liner, from the delicious frustration & continual throbbing I feel when aroused. I am absolutely forbidden to penetrate Mistress anymore as this is dominant male act and live on a diet of being plugged in my boi pussy, regular milking & heavy teasing only. Mistress believes my chastity lifestyle creates the perfect feminine medium for me to remain in sissy servitude dressing in lingerie & craving only to sniff, lick and worship her as she allows. I live with her strict discipline and her ever arousing words "Only I have a sex life now because I am in charge always and I have decided you will remain chaste and enjoy getting your pleasure from serving my pleasure". We are outwardly a normal couple except that we practice a strict chastity lifestyle & I live obediently and behave submissively to Mistress at all times and I'm either rewarded or punished by her. As I have adjusted to living comfortably fulltime in my Mature Metal chastity I am seldom out of it and never ever unsupervised. I get far more attention from being submissive to Mistress now that I live in chastity & I have accepted I will probably never be allowed to penetrate her again as the price for agreeing to her control. When we were vanilla and living without chastity I wanked a lot so rarely had penetrative sex with Mistress. As a result of my behaviour now I'm chastised she has realised that she no longer needs it from me and prefers her choice of dildo instead while I watch enviously dribbling. It has taken us a long time to figure out our normal. My needs and longings are reflected here.